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Tom Long

I’ve wanted to write about the record The Strain by Teeth for some time now, but given the subject matter, I’ve never quite been sure how to approach it. For those who are familiar with the compelling story of John Grabski, creative force behind the short-lived duo, I certainly can do no better than what has already been written.

Through the benevolent powers of the internet, John found a community to share his story of his battle with cancer. Shortly before his death, he recorded a seven-song LP with his brother Ben and Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. It’s an unvarnished document of his fight with cancer: the medicine and surgery, the hope and vulnerability, the struggle to make sense and learning how to deal with the limited time one has. The project adopted the motto Rock vs. Cancer; Rock Wins, which captures the spirit of the record.

Tom Long

The music industry has been dying. So what? People will still make music. And what we’ve been spoon-fed by commercial radio and the celebrity hype machine won’t be missed.

There is an inverted relationship between the number of units a band sells and how much I enjoy them. It is more the rule than the exception. I don’t say this as an elitist music snob, but as someone who truly loves seeing a band up close instead of a Jumbotron.