The house God bought was the Rochester II, a two story model in the Desert Hills subdivision in Vista View, Arizona.

The Rochester II was not the largest or the best of the models available, but there was one empty and ready for move-in. And it was right across the street from me.

We’d lived in the Desert Hills subdivision since the beginning, lot 4, extension #1. Our house was the Ithaca model, a similar design, but with a cupola to die for. My husband Clint runs the Toyota dealership on the north end of Vista View. And we have two kids, Jared, who’s 16 and so much trouble he’s almost not worth keeping around, and Lisa, my little jewel, who’s 14 and a prodigy at about four different things.

But, God, that’s what this is about. Or who. I don’t know if I expected anything in particular, but God just showed up one day in a sort of rundown Celica pulling a little U-Haul. I had always imagined that looking into the face of God would be a life-changing experience. And I suppose it was.

I kept thinking he looked just like Liam Neeson.

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