My father will be in town May 17 for the opening reception of the Louisiana Watercolor Society’s 38th Annual International Exhibition at Place St. Charles (201 St. Charles Avenue), where his painting Guard Watch will be on display:

(All Rights Reserved © David M. Bridges)

Though my father has never lived in New Orleans, in recent years he has produced several paintings borrowing New Orleans imagery from photographs I’ve taken. So it’s been a kind of collaboration. I’ll expand on how rewarding of a collaboration it truly is in a future post, but here are a few examples of his work (my photo first, then his painting):

Wanna Play?
(All Rights Reserved © David M. Bridges)

Miss You
(All Rights Reserved © David M. Bridges)

He’s also done a fabulous version of the photo below, but I unfortunately don’t have it in digital form:

And here’s one I had nothing to do with:

Galena Station
(All Rights Reserved © David M. Bridges)

He turns 74 today.

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